Forensic science is a 1\2 year course for 7th or 8 grade students.

The goal of the middle school forensic science class is two-fold:  to make students
better writers and to give them an understanding of the basic techniques used by
forensic scientists today.  Students will be engaged in safe lab practices several days
a week.  They will utilize forensic software, supplies, videos, laboratory kits, as well as
a recently published forensic science textbook written specifically for middle school.

Students will also keep a laboratory journal in which to record their lab reports weekly.
 These lab reports will include a list of lab supplies used, a scientific hypothesis, the
steps they followed during the lab, observations, as well as a conclusion.  Students
will be asked to record data tables and perform mathematical calculations on their

From a science perspective, students will be introduced to basic forensic techniques
that include:  fingerprinting, classification of evidence, blood spatter analysis,
handwriting analysis, chromatography, hair analysis, footwear and tire impressions,
tool mark analysis, textile microscopy, and DNA extraction.